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Graffins College was Established as a  Pioneer in Education Over 50 Years Ago . 
We have One Campus located Westlands, 
Our Westlands Campus caters to the ideal student lifestyle with Ample parking, recreation hall & hotel. We provide a conducive study environment with library, study hall and multiple computer Labs.
We pride in our ability to make amazing experiences possible for  our students. Corporate  business  partners and society. 
We Accomplish this by ensuring that our students and partners receive the best in Academic and Industry Qualifications and International Certification.

Graffins College delivers a wide verity of courses that provide real world knowledge and strong certification in ones chosen field. Our courses may be taken individually or combined as building blocks to create an integral academic profile that results in Multi- talented, well educated, and thoroughly prepared individuals. Ready to meet the demands of the modern, ever-merging job description, who are empowered with the ability to create their own opportunities.

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